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YOLO Meal Plans

Chef prepared delicious healthy daily meals for you. Choose the meal plan best suited for your lifestyle goal and your meal delivery dates to start your YOLO journey!


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Pick a meal plan that fits and fuels you.

YOLO Weight Loss Meal Plan Singapore

Weight Loss 
Meal Plan

This plan is a calorie deficit (or restrictive) approach plan designed by our in-house nutritionist to help you lose weight and shave off unwanted body fat with healthy, filling meals so you can be at your very best.

YOLO Eat Clean Meal Plan Singapore

Eat Clean Meal Plan

A calorie-conscious plan that's all about the perfect balance of healthy and delicious lean proteins, whole grains, and fresh vegetables — to keep you satisfied and in good health.

YOLO Low Carb Meal Plan Singapore

Low Carb
Meal Plan

This plan is designed to help increase protein and lower your carb intakes all at once while looking into burning fat fast yet retaining your muscle mass.

YOLO Vegetarian Meal Plan Singapore

Meal Plan

A meatless vegetarian fare that tastes pretty much as good as the real thing; it cares about your waistline, blood sugar levels, other aspects of your health. This plan is prepped with a significant amount of meat-less protein to substitute nutrients the body needs.

Please note this is not a vegan meal plan.

How Do Our Meal Plan Subscription Work?


Pick your meal plan

Have a goal you desire? Do you want to lose weight, energise or maintain your wellness? Our meal plans are carefully designed by our Certified Nutritionist and Executive Chef to help you reach your goals with no compromise on food and taste! 


Choose your calorie target & meal subscription duration

Pick your daily calorie target then select how long you want to commit for the meal plan. The longer the meal plan subscription is, the cheaper! 


Choose your meal delivery dates

After your order, you'll receive a confirmation email to further customise your meal plan. While you are personalising your order, you can also plan out your meal delivery dates. It doesn't have to be every day, it's up to you! 


Enjoy & repeat

Open your door when the meal delivery arrives, heat-up, share it on Instagram and enjoy. See the difference in your goals, and plan out your next target! Ready to order? Click here!


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